Kandidátka do AS FEL

I have decided to run for the academic senate of FEE CTU in Prague. My candidacy poster in English and Czech follows. Thanks for you interest and support!

Martin Schaefer

PhD student at Artificial Intelligence Center at CS department. I studied bachelor in Cybernetics, masters in Open Informatics and spent erasmus at Eindhoven University of Technology.

I like student initiatives, engaging students into research, teaching and PR of the faculty. I don’t like not maintained areas and closed parts of the corridors. I would like to increase students’ awareness and involvement into university affairs. I wish we had faculty that is open and helpful to students and provides lecturers and researchers with professional services. In the academic senate, I would support the development of FEE in this direction.

Martin Schaefer

Doktorand v Centru umělé inteligence na Katedře počítačů. Studoval jsem bakaláře kybernetiky, magistra na OI a absoloval erasmus na TU Eindhoven.

Líbí se mi studentské iniciativy, zapojování studentů do výzkumu, výuky a propagace FELu. Nelíbí se mi zanedbané prostory a uzavřené části chodeb. Rád bych zlepšil informovanost studentů a jejich angažovanost do dění na univerzitě. Od fakulty si přeji vstřícnost ke studentům a profesionální servis učitelům a výzkumníkům.

V senátu bych podporoval směřování FELu v tomto duchu.

martin.schaefer@fel.cvut.cz, @schaefer_cz, schaefer.cz

Student Projects

I would like to share some of the projects we are working with our Smart Urban Mobility team at Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC). We just published topics for bachelor’s and master’s theses.

We are at the end of the summer semester, so it’s the time when the students are recommended to choose their graduation thesis’s topics. It’s about a year before their submission deadline for the thesis. A common practice at CS FEE CTU is that the students choose an adviser and with the adviser, they come up with a topic that fits the adviser’s research profile and student’s interests and her/his study program. The topic is usually not a final assignment. We typically start the cooperation with an introduction period. We offer student summer jobs, and it’s a quite well-received form of cooperation. The next semester, the students have software/research project course. The goal of the project course is to start to work on their graduation projects. By Christmas, we finalise the specific final thesis assignment for the students.

Illustration - Traffic in Prague

If you would like to collaborate on some of the topics or you just have some comments, let me know: martin.schaefer at fel.cvut.cz!